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Pyramid Meditation

13 pyramids for meditation are permanently setup for the sanctuary Andre has created at The House of Healing.

The pyramids tap into the harmonics resonance, hence the harmonious feeling when meditating.

Each pulls in solar energy, which is grounding, that is why it falls within the purple colour range. So from as low as 9hz to well over 432 000hz.

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Healing in the Science of Sound

The possibility for great healing can be seen in the science of sound.
The harmonics of sound work to create order out of chaos. Continue Reading


Andre Bergh, from “Healing with Sound Foundation” came to take the children from KidsCan! on a musical journey… his crystals bowls and sounds took them into a world with its own feeling and rhythm. Continue Reading

Healing Mudras

major-Mudras-buddhismMudras are symbolic or ritual arm, hand and body positions used in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. The great Buddha knew the use of mudras and is often depicted using these ritual gestures. Various Kung Fu forms contain positions identical to these mudras.

Mudra (Sanskrit) is ‘spiritual gesture’ and energetic ‘seal of authenticity’ employed in the iconography and spiritual dance practice of indian religions and Taoism. (Wikipedia)

There are over 200 mudras in bharatanatyam and over 250 in mohiniattam.

Mudras can result in amazing health benefits; and can be practiced anytime and anyplace – in the home, train, bus, car, office, …

This link >>HERE<< takes you to a free download that deals with the 10 important mundras.
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Our Sound Class

school1Our Sound   Meditation  and Motivational class.

school21st May 2013