bowlsHealing With Sound Foundation is a registered Non-Profit organisation that Andre Bergh operates in the Western Cape of South Africa, within the Schools and Community Based Organisations sector

Healing With Sound Foundation‘s main objectives are:
– to use sound to facilitate harmony between all the systems of the body so as to create an environment in which healing can take place, with a focus on children and adults from less affluent communities; and
– to work in collaboration with other organisations and individuals that practice natural therapies.

Income for the operation of Healing With Sound Foundation is donation based, and is used to expenses. Record is kept of all income and expenditure; and money is reimbursed to members strictly for expenses that she or he has paid for or on behalf of the organisation.

For more detail on the foundation, or to contribute, please contact me.
Registration number 118-089NPO

School Sound MeditationSee pictures of our 1st Sound Class
This group of 10 learners at a local government school has quickly realised the benefits of sound in their behaviour and personal growth.