Choose Your Words With Care – Go Forth With Love

Stand before me on the side of infinity all you of the earth
With the granting of the law of divination comes the application of change
… I will give you the key
And with this knowledge, please realise, comes the responsibility of sharing it
… I will show you the way

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Throughout the universe there is order
In the movement of the planets, in nature, and in the functioning of the human mind
A mind that is in it’s natural state of order is in harmony with the universe;
and such a mind is timeless

Your life is an expression of your mind
You are the creator of your own universe;
for as a human being you are free to will whatever state of being you desire through the use of your thoughts and words
Ah! There is great power there

It can be a blessing or a curse
it’s entirely up to you
for the quality of your life is brought about by the quality of your thinking

Think about that!

Thoughts produce actions
Look at what you are thinking
See the pettiness and the envy and the greed and the fear;
and all the other attitudes that cause you pain and discomfort
Realise that the one thing that you have absolute control over is your attitude
See the effect that it has on those around you
For each life is linked to all life and your words carry with them chain reactions;
like a stone that is thrown into the pond
If your thinking is in order, your words will flow directly from the heart, creating ripples of love
If you truly want to change your world your friend, you must change your thinking

Reason is your greatest tool
It creates an atmosphere of understanding which leads to caring which is love

Choose your words with care
go forth with Love

I don’t know the origin of this or who speaks the sound clip. Please let me know if you do!

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Tuning Forks

  OM TUNING FORKS             

The  ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’ 


It is in Sanskrit syllable most often found at the beginning of Buddhist mantras-known as the sacred tone ,the totality of all sounds


The OM/AUM SOUND is a  CELEBRATION  where science catches up with mystics.Scientifically it is calculated according to the movement of the EARTH around the SUN.

This is known as the EARTH YEAR TONE frequency which moves up into audible range registering the note of C sharp at 136.1Hz.

These OM tuning forks are powerful tools of transformation used by Healing Practitioners to alleviate internal & external imbalances,blockages & pain both on a physical & the subtle levels(auditory & vibratory).      The Vibration & Sound of the Tuning Forks stimulate healing by tapping into meridians & whirls of energy in the body.







Circle of Sound

How the Circle of Sound Works

When the Circle of Sound is formed in the round, and the instruments are played toward the center, a sound wave is generated composing a “full spectrum” of frequencies. This is created due to the harmonics produced when the crystal bowls and didgeridoos and other instruments playing together.

This “full spectrum” of frequencies is the basis of the balancing potential of the Circle of Sound. The structural circle formed by the instruments and players provides the container from which the sound is generated.

When people enter the circle with a particular intention, prayer, focus or dream, they are in a balanced environment conducive to the realization/manifestation of their request. Those areas and/or sacred sites enclosed by the circle are offered this “full spectrum” of frequencies in order to be balanced, healed, activated, harmonizeded as needed. The group intention of the Circle of Sound will always be Peace on Earth, Goodwill for all.

The Circle of Sound opens a vortex of energy, which allows people, especially children, to go to a unique space. The sound leads to a zone of balance, comfort, centering, silence, emptying and filling at the same time. The sound is a universal language, requiring no dogma or language interpretation.

When sitting inside the Circle the experience is one of a vibrating frequency immersion thereby allowing the dissolution of any and all barriers.

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The Sound of China

The most amazing tones from the Guzheng known as the Sound of China.

gutheng - sound of ChinaChinese Guzheng, related to Japanese koto, Vietnamese dan tranh and Korean kayagum, is one of the most ancient Chinese traditional music instruments.

The early types of guzheng emerged during the Warring States period. It was largely influenced by the se, a plucked stringed instrument. It became prominent during the Qin period, and by the Tang Dynasty, the guzheng was arguably the most commonly played instrument in China.

There are many techniques used in the playing of the guzheng, including basic plucking actions (right or both hands) at the right portion and pressing actions at the left portion (by the left hand to produce pitch ornamentations and vibrato) as well as tremolo (right hand). These techniques of playing the guzheng can create sounds that can evoke the sense of a cascading waterfall, thunder, horses’ hooves, and even the scenic countryside.