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Circle of Sound

How the Circle of Sound Works

When the Circle of Sound is formed in the round, and the instruments are played toward the center, a sound wave is generated composing a “full spectrum” of frequencies. This is created due to the harmonics produced when the crystal bowls and didgeridoos and other instruments playing together.

This “full spectrum” of frequencies is the basis of the balancing potential of the Circle of Sound. The structural circle formed by the instruments and players provides the container from which the sound is generated.

When people enter the circle with a particular intention, prayer, focus or dream, they are in a balanced environment conducive to the realization/manifestation of their request. Those areas and/or sacred sites enclosed by the circle are offered this “full spectrum” of frequencies in order to be balanced, healed, activated, harmonizeded as needed. The group intention of the Circle of Sound will always be Peace on Earth, Goodwill for all.

The Circle of Sound opens a vortex of energy, which allows people, especially children, to go to a unique space. The sound leads to a zone of balance, comfort, centering, silence, emptying and filling at the same time. The sound is a universal language, requiring no dogma or language interpretation.

When sitting inside the Circle the experience is one of a vibrating frequency immersion thereby allowing the dissolution of any and all barriers.

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